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By seamlessly connecting trainers & practitioners to clients through our apps, PHYT is a mobile platform to manage existing business, grow new business, and make more money.


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We do more than motivate, we inspire


We work one-on-one, in bootcamps & groups in studios, in the park, at the beach, track & fields, on the slopes, trails, city streets, in homes, condos, hotels, and workplaces - we are always on the go, running our business & our life from a Smartphone. Working part time or full time, we are self-employed professionals, sole proprietors and small businesses.


We are gurus who come in a wide variety of specialties ranging from traditional Western style physical fitness to ancient Eastern modalities. We are often certified or specialize in a certain training type, training philosophy, performance type, exercise modality, or client population.


We are the influencers and leaders of better fitness, health & wellness in our communities, striving to create a healthier & happier world, empowering our professions & our peers, transforming the fitness, health & wellness industry with technology. We do more than motivate, we inspire.



PHYT is...

A health tech company focused on population health




Data & Analytics

PHYT's platform is driven by real-time market trends in fitness, sports & wellness. Through its mobile app, PHYT offers a consumer-focused strategy of personalized fitness & wellness with certified instruction and peer support. PHYT’s proprietary data & analytics offers personalized & targeted solutions while tracking & prompting engagement. The model addresses individual and geographic preferences, while also serving customers with specific fitness or adaptive needs.

We are purpose driven



Guided by mindfulness
in our practice, our lives, and our world


Uniquely, at its core and foundation PHYT is a community impact initiative raising money for adaptive fitness programs. Users choose where their supporting dollars go from our list of partners and charities.


Supporting Adaptive Fitness
PHYT donates a portion of every dollar through the platform to support adaptive fitness programs for people with disabilities, wounded warriors, autism, wheelchair athletics, senior citizens, managing Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimers, or fighting and surviving cancer.


Our Story

Having been a certified personal trainer and fitness professional my entire life, at 40 years old the surgeons described me as the perfect candidate. After a series of back injuries, rather than have a lumbar fusion I entered Johnson & Johnson's clinical trial for an artificial spinal disc. One of the first patients in the U.S. to receive this kind of device, I had a catastrophic failure when the disc slipped out the front of my spine. Seriously and permanently injured, my survival was miraculous.


Being fit saved my life when the unexpected and unimaginable happened. I decided then that my next venture would set out to empower other fitness & wellness entrepreneurs, to create a healthier and happier world, to inspire and to be inspired.



Darren Beck, Founder

Manage your business
Grow new business
Make more money

The PHYT mobile app provides a full suite of features to manage your existing business, grow new business, sell sessions and packages, create custom invoices, accept safe & secure mobile payments including Venmo, scheduling, reservations, waiting lists, and session check-ins to track sessions & packages along with your clients. To engage existing clients and to grow new business, you easily create rewards, classes, events and promotions posted across your favorite social media.


To highlight your business in PHYT's marketplace, our proprietary Explore feature displays unique "Suggestions for You" based on the users location, likes and preferences. Using PHYT's robust search features, clients have all the information and security to find you, work with you, and pay you - anytime, anyplace on their mobile.




Session Confirmations

PHYT makes this easy. You can redeem a session, and your clients confirm a completed session anytime from their mobile with a check-in or digital signature.


Session Tracking

PHYT keeps track of sessions & packages. You and your clients know how many sessions have been completed, how many remain in a package, and when a package is coming up for renewal.


Bootcamps & Groups

Beyond your one-on-one training, outside of the four walls, PHYT has your bootcamps & groups. This is an amazing trend, an amazing way to train, an amazing way to bond, an amazing way to grow your business.


Secure Mobile Payments

You accept all major credit cards fully integrated with secure one-touch mobile payments and Apple Pay. Making it fast, easy and secure for clients to pay is just one way PHYT makes you more money.


GIFT CERTIFICATES: How many times has a client or a family member wanted to purchase sessions as a gift? With PHYT, anyone anywhere can buy gift certificates and sessions for any of your clients.


ON THE SPOT PURCHASES: PHYT allows clients to instantly book & purchase sessions with you on their mobile.

Facebook Integration

Posting your videos and photos is important to grow your business. PHYT is integrated with Facebook for your photo/video posting, status updates, check-ins and messaging; a seamless compliment as you continue to market your business, and your clients share their fitness activities, on social media.



In the U.S. alone there are over 50 personal trainer certifications available. Add to this the licenses and certifications for yoga, Pilates, and sports instructors in the U.S. and all the countries where PHYT is available. It’s vital information for clients; and specialty certifications are a great way to grow your business while working with the clients and modalities you love.



PHYT offers optional safety and security benefits including professional liability insurance. Find out all the different coverage options and riders available to you as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, Pilates instructor or sports Instructor in your country.



Businesses and clients appreciate the record keeping on PHYT. Clients have their payment records and you can generate an income report anytime.



As trainers and practitioners many of our clients travel the world on business & holiday. Sometimes they take us with, many times they are looking for a PHYT Guru wherever they go. PHYT is being released in eighteen countries over coming months. The first versions are scheduled for the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and Ireland.


Darren Beck

Personal trainer Darren Beck grew up with his PHYT family who are all fitness Gurus across the globe. They live in the United States, Greece, and Australia. They're from places like NYC, Miami, Serbia, Milan, and Colorado. They are the first PHYT Gurus building a global platform of the best trainers in the world.


A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Darren has always been involved in the industry both personally and professionally. He has been a certified trainer by ACE and by the American College of Sports Medicine. Darren has managed Quest, Bally’s, and Crunch health clubs, created personal training departments and owned his own personal training center in midtown Manhattan. Featuring only the most talented fitness and wellness professionals, Darren's vision has always been to pay his peers well while empowering them as successful, respected, well-paid proprietors with unlimited growth potential.


Darren is also a self-described tech geek. As an early entrant innovator in mobile technology, Darren's patents are in mobile advertising and mobile payment technology. He has designed systems, algorithms, applications and content. Darren co-founded BOX Telecom in 2005 with partners from France and Israel creating and distributing mobile content and secure payment systems in the United States. By 2007, Darren launched his patented MoboReal™ advertising premium real estate listings to mobile devices.


Darren and the PHYT founders are realizing a decades old dream of empowering their profession and their peers; transforming the fitness, health & wellness industry with technology.

Roya Siroospour
Fitness Advisor

RoyaFit is a team of elite personal trainers and highly certified group fitness instructors in South Florida. The founder of RoyaFit has built an extensive network of peers and fitness professionals over the past 20 years. The RoyaFit squad also offers a concierge service of the best luxury fitness and group classes to hotels, luxury members, and property residents. Roya has managed fitness departments and served as regional director for some of the nations top health club chains. She's known for tapping top trainers and instructors, with an eye for spotting and mentoring up-and-coming talent in the industry. Roya has been featured on Deco Drive, and internationally on CNN and Telemundo.


Oscar Rey, CPA
Strategic Advisor / Financial

Oscar Rey's firm specializes in financial investment planning and business solutions. Investment analysis, wealth maximization, software selection and technology innovation are key for clients and among his firms advisory services. With many clients in the industry, Oscar maintains a fitness routine for healthy body, mind and spirit.


Milena Tyree
Designer & Digital Media

Cyber-chic & talented designer Milena Tyree brings her unique vision to PHYT's products and brands. Milena's fitness routine includes sunrise bootcamps on the beach and nighttime group inline skating through the steets of Miami.


Hackers and the rest of the team
It takes a village

Many of PHYT's developers & designers are South Florida talent. PHYT is headquartered among Miami's new economic drivers of techology, design and innovation.




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